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We just took over 35,000 square feet of prime real estate on the corner of Jasper Ave and 104 street in Edmonton. In the heart of Edmonton’s downtown community to be precise. The entry way into 104st. This is an 800% increase to the existing space we occupy today. Why? Because we are innovating with the most influential asset our generation has ever seen and disrupting a century old legacy finance system; and we need all hands on deck.

The bare bones of newHQ

Our business, like the rest of them, has been navigating the COVID-19 pandemic with adaptability (aka flying by the seat of…

It all started on the morning of February 27, 2014. I found myself scrambling in my house trying to find a white bed sheet. I had arranged for three media crews to meet me downtown Edmonton at 10:00 AM, to document the unveiling of Alberta’s first Bitcoin ATM and I was hellbent on having a dramatic unveiling; a ribbon cutting ceremony of sorts.

On May 6, 2014, I had an appearance on CTV Morning Live in Saskatoon, where I had the opportunity to explain Bitcoin. The rest of the day included a media tour showcasing Saskatchewan’s first Bitcoin ATM and…

Bitcoin Well — Facilitating financial sovereignty
Bitcoin Well Logo

Hey! If you’re reading this you have either been following us for a while now and have noticed a shift in branding, or you are newly acquainted with us and curious how Bitcoin Well came to be. Either way, we thank you for your support and welcome you to the new beginning of bitcoin accessibility and security; Bitcoin Well.

EDMONTON, Alberta, Sept. 08, 2020 — Bitcoin Solutions (1793001 Alberta Ltd.) (the “Company”), a profitable entity offering convenient, secure and reliable ways to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies through our trusted Bitcoin ATM network and web-based transaction services, is pleased to provide this corporate update. We are excited to share our progress on becoming the world’s first publicly-traded, and Canada’s longest-serving, founder-run Bitcoin ATM company. …

Bitcoin was… being Bitcoin over the August long weekend (in Canada). It rose sharply over the course oåf the week (+$2,200) and even into Saturday, only to drop in one giant red candle (-$800) in less than ten minutes.

I’ve been in the space now for seven years and this type of movement didn’t strike me as odd, in fact I think this type of movement shows us two very important things about Bitcoin:

  1. The past can tell the future
  2. The existing financial barriers can impact short term pricing

We are aiming to make Bitcoin easy to buy and sell…

What was once pre paid SIM cards, then transitioned to iTunes gift cards and has now infiltrated the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency industry. My industry.

We’ve all gotten the phone call: “You owe the CRA money” “Your power will be shut off” “You will go to jail” “Your wife needs money to get back home” and there is only one way to remedy this phone call. Send Bitcoin. The majority of people reading this often roll their eyes and hang up. We aren’t the targets. The targets are the vulnerable.

The new Canadian, the senior citizen, the financial illiterate, these are…

Is bitcoin a currency, or an investment? A speculative bubble, or here for the long run? One thing is for sure, Bitcoin is bridging the gap and filling the holes of the legacy financial system while delivering solutions for critical problems, like the banking of the unbanked.

Plenty of injustice plagues our communities.

The unbanked and underbanked don’t have quick and simple access to how the financial world works. More often than not, this is reserved for people with wealth and opportunity. …

This morning, the Bitcoin Solutions team celebrated a major milestone in our mission to make it easier for people to access, buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. We’ve announced a qualifying transaction to merge with Red River Capital Corp to become the first Canadian Bitcoin ATM company to be publicly traded.

This listing will help us grow our network of Bitcoin ATMs and online services, making it even easier for you to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies wherever you are. …

May 11, 2020

Bitcoin Solutions announces ultimate Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency accessibility with In Person Payments now available at Canada Post!

Bitcoin Solutions | | @btcsolutionsca

Bitcoin Solutions is proud to announce a new platform which allows users to buy Bitcoin with In-Person-Payments at over 6,000 Canada Post Locations. Bitcoin Solutions has continually been expanding their client offerings and online presence within Canada, making it as easy as possible to buy Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency for their trusted clients.

Factors that contributed to Bitcoin Solutions position include the 6,000+ locations across Canada! Buying Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency has never been easier. From the fantastic surf in Tofino, BC to the historic depths of Newfoundland. Accessibility coast to coast

Get your static In-Person-Payment QR code by…


Educating people on the benifit of decentralized currency. Helping make Bitcoin more accessible through Bitcoin Solutions & Ghostlab

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