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Hey! If you’re reading this you have either been following us for a while now and have noticed a shift in branding, or you are newly acquainted with us and curious how Bitcoin Well came to be. Either way, we thank you for your support and welcome you to the new beginning of bitcoin accessibility and security; Bitcoin Well.

The original look

In 2013, Bitcoin Solutions was born. The name was intended to showcase the ability to be a solution to the complicated problem that is bitcoin. We believe that in many ways we have done this and we will continue to do this, as it is ingrained in our foundational mission.

As we venture down the path to become the world’s first publicly traded Bitcoin ATM company, we found ourselves at a crossroads and re-imagining who we are and who we want to be.

The word “well” is fascinating, as an adverb it defines something as “in a good or satisfactory way”. As a noun, it is defined as “a water spring or fountain” and also as “a plentiful source and supply”. We at Bitcoin Well believe a “well” is the facilitator of life when it dispenses water, and a facilitator of financial sovereignty when it dispenses bitcoin.

We promise to be a champion of financial sovereignty. Not a promise to get you rich, but rather a promise to empower you to take control of your finances. Educate you on how to store your bitcoin, secure your bitcoin and offer products and services that allow you acquire or spend them with ease and security.

We are champions of financial sovereignty. We are Bitcoin Well.

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